Reynolds hits a sac-fly and another run scores the guy who hit the dribbler

Seems that unless you are Roger Clemens, they always score.Anyway, Reynolds hits a sac-fly and another run scores the guy who hit the dribbler.So a purpose drilling and a dribbler and a passed ball and there are 2 runs in with only 1 out.Then, replica Bvlgari BB38SSDCH Men's watch with LaRoche batting, Wandy picks off Upton, Berkman throws to second, Upton is no question about it out, only Runge calls him safe.Manzella goes crazy, Mills stands in the dugout, looking like a statue.I think right there Wandy just plain gave up.

Husband was supposed to take me to the ballgame tonight, but by 4, I could tell he was gonna try to get out of it, which was actually fine with me?because I KNEW I could just take Lil Miss and he’d get stuck with 3 furious screaming crying little boys wanting to know why they can’t go tO.So men, you see what happens when you try to get replica Chopard 276149-0008 watch out of a date with your wife??!!So it was indeed grrls night out the baseball stadium has just gotta be one of the best possible places to go.Sometimes I really envy the real reporters they get PAID to go there and watch baseball games.

I'm REAL sure he won't be leaving until after college baseball season ends, but I no longer will be even a little surprised if he's gone for a bag of balls and replica Rado R20383162 Ladie's watch mill in McLean's pocket.IF Roger demands a trade like Randy Johnson did, he will lose ALL his icon status in Houston forever and will be branded as a scumbag greedy traitor forever I mean, the Boston fans will be wishy and washy bout how they feel about Roger compared to how us Houstonians will feel.IF McLean tries to salary dump him with some lame-ass excuse, he gonna lose a LOT of gate and just about every bit of good will there is he won't be selling no 20,000 season tickets.Like we needed more bad news…

But I just KNOW how I'm gonna be reading hearing that now that Burke is gone

But I just KNOW how I'm gonna be reading hearing that now that Burke is gone, it's Ensberg and Lane's fault and most assuredly Brad Lidge's fault, too, cuz he didn't volunteer to get traded for David Ortiz.Or was it Manny? I forget.The guys have a replica Chopard 168992-3001 watch day off tomorrow to rest and get ready to start a new month which I certainly hope is not near as bad as this one has been.And before I forget thank you, Mike Lamb, for sure we didn't get shut out.And last, please, let's all remember Josh Hancock's family, friends and teammates in our thoughts and prayers.

I watched Sports Center this morning and Jeremy Schaap had the Sunday Conversation with Roger Clemens.Schaap came right out and asked if it was true if Roger had an out clause, or an unwritten clause to go to the Yankees Roger said he replica Rado R13432142 Men's watch didn't know what was in his contract (yeah, sure) and he would do what's best for the team.And the Yankees were the ONLY team he'd go to.He did NOT say I'm not going anywhere and I'm NOT kidding.So, hearing this on national TV, I take back what I said about Roger not going anywhere.

I have changed my mind, and it looks almost fer replica Rado R20430712 Ladie's watch like he IS going.Because this team ain't winnin anything I have ZERO confidence in the GM and I'm NOT pleased with Phil or Gaetti and instead of hoping we'll end up at .500, I'm now hoping we don't break the total losses year record.I STILL say that the Yankees sure nuff don't have anything in the minors worth having, don't tell me Cano is this superstar in waiting we need hitters, not something else, it's not like we would be getting Carlos the Jackal to put us over the top in return, so if Roger left, it would be a salary dump, pure and .

would have had 3 if the relievers had not let his inherited runners score

He isn't near as bad as his stats look: He had 2 QS (and would have had 3 if the relievers had not let his inherited runners score) and 2 games where he got thrashed.He pitches MUCH better at home, and he starts getting hit after about 100 pitches.vs Florida: has never started a game against them pitched 2.1 innings in relief over 3 games with replica Rado R13577712 watch no runs, no BB and 2 KBrian Moehler, RHP ex Astro.BOY, was I surprised when I saw that because I hadn't remembered him at ALL as an Astro just as a Tiger.He was drafted from UNC in the 6th round by Detroit in 93, had 2 starts in 96 and had 4 solid years of starting for terrible Detroit teams 97 00.

Looked like he was hurt most of 01 and 02 started only 9 games, mostly at what look like rehab before being traded to Cincy in 02, where he started 9 games and went 2 4 with a 6.02 ERA.He was picked up by Houston late in 03 and started 3 games had a 7.90 in 13.2 IP was NOT resigned and spent the entire 04 at AA Atlanta, going 3 9 in replica Rado R20339712 Ladie's watch with a 4.19 ERA (washed up?)Was signed this year as Florida's 5th starter and he has so far shown they weren't so dumb -so far this year, he's 1-1 in 3 GS (and 4 more in relief a few of his starts were days off or postponed) with 2 HR, 7 BB and 16 K in 24.2 IP with a 2.19 ERA, 1.18 WHIP and a .244 BAA.Lifetime, he's 51-57 in 146 GS (and 5 in relief) with 112 HR, 251 BB and 485 K in 890.2 IP with a 4.51 ERA, 1.41 WHIP and .286 BAA.vs.

Well, I sure am hearing all about the 22 RBIs but you are NOW hearing that he should have a LOT more and that he hasn't done squat since the team left on the second leg of its non-stop road trip on the 17th and he drove in 16 of his 22 runs before then.Let's look at what he's done since April 18th: Which is NOT acceptable from a guy in the replica Chopard 278325-3006 watch spot, ESPECIALLY with his salary.That is 4 GIDPs and it would have been 5 if Lance hadn't gotten himself picked off first the other day more than Ausmus, Burke and Everett combined.And it's not that I'm exactly letting Lance off the hook, neither, as all yall know.

having Roger there with him will be the ticket

OK, last night, we broke the Curse of the Road.Time for Brandon to have another QS and hopefully, having Roger there with him will be the ticket.So, let's hear it second verse, same as the first!!Brandon Backe, RHP vs Brian Moehler, replica Rado R20429732 watch (all stats from thebaseballcube, yahoo and espn)This year, Brandon is 2-2 in 6 GS with a 6.81 ERA with 4 HR, 8 BB and 29 K in 35.2 IP.and has suffered from Phil sending him back out when he is tired and has gone over 100 pitches and from relievers letting ALL his inherited runners score.

I am getting tired of using titles like “Starting Pitcher Gets No Run Support For His Quality Start” and The Designated Saviour didn't come through with bases loaded one out when it was Time To Shine, so it's not about him neither.Nope.Now that we have disposed of Designated Goat Chris Burke, who, by the way, hit his 9th double of the year as a pinch replica Chopard 278294-2005 watch hitter, it is time right now to take a good long look at the Man Who Should Be Called The Goat, 17 million dollar a year man, Carlos Lee.He was signed as an “RBI man” a good contact hitter who wouldn't walk or strikeout (not sure which one is worse in the eyes of the Astros fans) and solve the Astros 4 year problem of leaving too many men on base.

Almost every pitch was low and away.Jeez…Third inning well, it is weird.Wandy drills Kelly Johnson on a 1-1 count.It sure nuff looked deliberate replica Bvlgari 101400 Men's watch and Johnson didn't appear to be showboating with the homer.Why on earth put ANY runner on on purpose when you are behind? Then Abreu hits a slow roller to the 5.5 hole and it's men on first and second, no out.Then Quintero allows a passed ball (gee, wonder if he's gonne get sent down for defense)?then it's a RBI single up the middle so the guy who was drilled scores.I hate putting runners on base on purpose.


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